The Quantum Bio-Nutrient team consists of experts from the health and wellness industry representing best-in-class products and science worldwide.  Each formula is developed by industry-leading, outstanding scientists and health care practitioners to meet and exceed our clients' expectations and needs. 
We are not just an online store selling vitamins.  We understand the connection between lifestyle, macro/micronutrition, and our bodies' health and well-being.  We go far and beyond traditional health practices of treating symptoms by instead focusing on cellular health.  We are continuously pursuing researchers developing breakthrough cutting-edge science for optimizing health through cellular nutrition and cellular revitalizing technologies. 
Therefore, products listed on this website have gone through extensive testing for quality and efficacy.  Doctors have requested most products we sell for use in their own practice.  Where precision in nutritional supplementation is desired, Quantum can recommend supplements based on your unique cellular needs.  Advancements in DNA cellular science allows us to provide both technology and micro-nutrients personalized to the individual to naturally stimulate the body’s healing powers contained within each of us.

We are always available to answer your questions and help navigate your journey to optimal health.